My technical work has been on emission reduction from internal combustion engines. I was awarded the KVPY Fellowship from IISc, Bangalore for a new method of reducing carbon monoxide content in engine exhausts. You can contact me for details regarding the patent. There are a number of disclosures and pending patents with the organizations that I worked with and we can discuss on it if this area interests you. Technically, I work on IC engine control, and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

I joined IIT Bombay as a Research Associate after by B Tech. I had a campus job offer from Infosys, but I think my heart was elsewhere. Worked on Wind Turbine Control, Engine Control, and On-Board Diagnostics. TVS Motor Company and GE were exciting places to be in. Now I am with Mercedes Benz Research and Development, India.

I am a consultant for grassroots level startups in emerging economies like India. I have some primary research done on idea validation, outsourcing and startup hiccups in India.

If you have similar interests, we can always interact in this regard.